This belief has led us on a unique journey over the last 5 years. In collaboration with agricultural scientists and farmers, we’ve cultivated and processed Biofortified seeds. These naturally enriched seeds are the essence of our products, delivering the bounty of nutrient-dense foods from our farms straight to your table.

We are excited to unveil the first range of Biofortified Foods in India!

Ready For A Breakthrough In Your

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We’re all about biofortification, a revolutionary approach that enhances the nutrient content in your everyday staples – flour, rice, pulses, grains etc. Imagine your regular chapatis or rice, but supercharged with vital micronutrients like IRON, ZINC, VITAMINS & PROTEINS.

Sounds incredible, right? Better Nutrition is no ordinary Brand – it’s the result of scientific efforts, innovative farming practices, and our relentless commitment to your health. With ‘Better Nutrition’, we’re stepping into a new era of nutritious eating that ensures a healthier you and a healthier planet.

Why Biofortified Atta Is The Future Of Nutrition?

Now your daily roti can do so much more than just satisfying your hunger!!

Biofortified atta, Better Nutrition

India's First Biofortified Food Brand

Better Nutrition Biofortified atta

Raising The Bar For Nutrient-Rich Grains

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Simran Sahni
Nutritionist & Co-founder at Keeros

Mohit Singh
Yoga Guru & Owner, Wellness Power Yoga

Ashish Jain
Consultant Spine Surgeon

Got Questions?

We've Got Answers!

  • What nutrients are present in our flour?
    Our flour is enriched with Iron, Zinc & Protein. Iron is important for maintaining healthy red blood cells and preventing Anemia, while Zinc is essential for immune system function and wound healing. Protein is important for fetal development during pregnancy and also helps maintain healthy blood cells.
  • What is Biofortification?
    We're all about Biofortification, a revolutionary approach that increases the amount of vitamins and minerals in food crops. This makes the food healthier without changing what people are used to eating. Biofortified crops can provide a sustainable, long-term method of delivering more micronutrients in the diet.
  • How is our flour produced?
    We source the highest quality wheat from farmers who use sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. Through close collaboration with farmers and harnessing cutting-edge research, we have unlocked nature's hidden potential to develop Biofortified wheat crops that naturally possess higher levels of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, and vitamins. We maintain strict quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that our flour meets the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • How does our flour compare to regular wheat flour?
    Our flour is a healthier and more nutritious option compared to regular wheat flour. It contains higher levels of Iron, Zinc & Protein which are essential nutrients that are often lacking in the Indian diet. Additionally, our flour is milled to perfection to ensure that it has a superior taste and texture.
  • How can our flour be used in cooking?
    Our flour is versatile and can be used in a wide range of recipes, including rotis, parathas, bread, cakes, and more. It can be substituted for regular wheat flour in any recipe to add a nutritional boost.

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