Biofortified Atta: The Cornerstone of Nutritional Innovation

Biofortified Atta: The Cornerstone of Nutritional Innovation

Tackling Nutritional Deficiencies

India's battle against hidden hunger is gaining a powerful ally with biofortified atta. Better Nutrition are pioneering this innovative approach, enriching wheat with essential nutrients like zinc and iron, directly addressing widespread dietary deficiencies.

The Science of Biofortification

Biofortification boosts the goodness of crops right from the beginning when they're seeds. This smart solution easily fits into our daily meals, turning each one into a chance for better health.

From Farm to Table

Our commitment extends beyond the lab, working closely with farmers to cultivate these nutrient-rich crops. This partnership ensures that our biofortified atta is not only nutritious but also supports sustainable farming practices.

The Impact on Your Plate

Incorporating biofortified atta into your diet means more than just enjoying delicious rotis. It's about enriching your meals with vitamins and minerals essential for immunity, growth, and overall well-being.

Explore how biofortified atta is changing the landscape of Indian nutrition and join us in this health revolution at Better Nutrition

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