Rice with Zinc, Wheat with Protein: Biofortified Crops Battling India’s Hidden Hunger

Rice with Zinc, Wheat with Protein: Biofortified Crops Battling India’s Hidden Hunger

India, a country where wheat and rice are essential for survival, is dealing with a silent epidemic of hidden hunger. This phrase describes a persistent deficiency of vital nutrients in the diet, a problem that might not be obvious right away, similar to hunger, but still harmful. Zinc and protein-rich biofortified foods are becoming a powerful weapon against this nutritional deficiency.

Zinc-Enriched Rice: A Ray of Hope

Zinc is vital for a healthy immune system, yet it’s one of the nutrients often missing from the diets of millions in India. Enter biofortified rice – a variety that’s been naturally enhanced with higher zinc levels. Regular consumption of zinc-enriched rice helps improve immunity and supports overall development, especially in children.

Protein-Powered Wheat: Building Blocks for Growth

Protein is the building block of life, but for many, adequate intake remains out of reach. Biofortified wheat, imbued with higher protein content, offers a simple solution. By integrating this into daily meals, from rotis to bread, families can enjoy a balanced diet that supports growth and repairs bodily tissues.

The Impact of Biofortified Crops

Beyond individual health, biofortified crops are transforming agricultural practices in India. They’re not just nutritious; they’re typically more resilient to pests and environmental stressors. This resilience translates to better yield and a sustainable future for farmers.

As India strides forward, biofortified crops from brands like Better Nutrition are becoming more than just food; they’re a beacon of health for the nation. By choosing biofortified atta and rice, consumers aren’t just feeding their families; they’re fortifying them against hidden hunger.

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